Fascinating dating strategies of Russian women

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A couple of years ago I took my family on a cruise and we stopped in Russia for a couple of days.

 We took a guided tour for two full days and one of the things that struck me was how many more women there were than men. Our guide said that the ratio is somewhere around 6 men for every 10 women. That is due to war and also the fact that so many men drink themselves to death in Russia.

 If Russian women want a man, a devoted, committed man they not only have to stand out from the crowd, they have to keep his devotion.

 As a result, Russian women have spent a tremendous amount of energy and efforts to learn what it takes to be the sort of women that men can’t say no to.

 In my observances, Russians (at least in St. Petersburg) look very European/American. Some of the women are stunningly beautiful, others are quite plain or ordinary.

 Not that long ago I met Luba at a relationship conference. She shared some of her insights about being one of the “plain” girls growing up in Russia who had to go against extraordinary odds to attract and keep a man. What she shared was fascinating and very insightful. I could see all the guys in the room shaking their head in confirmation to what she was saying men really wanted deep down.


Russian women have even learned they can travel to the U.S. and other parts of the world and easily out-compete other women because they have actually studied (or been taught by their moms) how to be a woman that men desperately want.


Just knowing a few of these tips can make all the difference — especially if you are a woman who is “average looking”, older than 35 or single with kids.

==> You can stand out in the crowd with these tips.

Your friend and coach,

Michael Webb

P.S. If you see a photo of Luba on the website, that is really her. I’m not calling her ugly but she’s no bombshell


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