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Unique Program For Unique People Seven Rings of Wealth

As it is written,”it is more blessed to GIVE than to RECEIVE”. ~Acts 20:35

Seven Rings of Wealth – A Unique Program For Unique People

























Pay It Forward!
We all have heard of the Pay it Forward concept. How does it work at 7 Rings?

1. Open a FREE account using a pif code
2. Purchase PIF Codes, and give them to as many people as you want.
Every time you PIF for $5, you receive $20 in return, and the same for all your referrals.
Let’s do the math. You PIF for five people ($25), you receive $100. PIF $25 again and receive $100 again and again and again. It never stops.
Here’s an Excellent 2 minute Video which Explains this Concept Clearly and Professionally…
I’ll Pay It Forward for You. You Pay It Forward for Others. Everyone Receives a Blessing.


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