How To Set Your Traffic On Autopilot


The NUMBER ONE reason people
become online business “drop outs”

(aside from not taking action) is
from not getting enough TRAFFIC
to the offers and opportunities
they’re promoting…

…Think about it…

There are a TON of great
products and systems (like available
to promote that are well proven
to convert.

So finding good offers isn’t the
problem. Getting TRAFFIC is the

…But here’s the thing…

Getting traffic is actually EASY.
You can simply BUY IT.

( Pssst… Buying traffic is not evil. 😉

…When you BUY traffic, what
you’re paying for is somebody
else’s hard work
. For example,
if you’re running email solo
ads, somebody worked hard to
build the email list that you
are running your ad to…

If you’re posting a banner/display
ad on a blog, somebody worked hard
to write articles and blog content.
They worked hard to optmize their
site. They probably paid for
expensive back links, etc.

So, sure, YOU could write content and
optimize your site and build a YouTube
channel and do ALL those things that
produce so-called “free” traffic…

But after all the work, it’s not ACTUALLY
free. You’re still investing your valuable
time… Still working for it…

Still PAYING for it!

This is why I strongly recommend
making paid traffic part of your
online business plan, ESPECIALLY
when starting out (even though
it sounds counterintuitive).

There’s *nothing* wrong with
building up “free”  leads too.
Nothing wrong with it at all!

…But it takes more TIME, which
for many people translates to:

“I don’t have the patience to
do this, and/or I lack the faith
that my effort is eventually going
to pay off big for me, so I quit!”

In other words, people want INSTANT
gratification. They expect to see
FAST results (in really whatever
they’re doing online).

Hey  I’m so freakin’

This guy and his top gun coder designed
a stealth, high converting funnel…

Plugged it into their top secret viral software…

And watched with eyes bulging as beta tests proved it
capable of turning a few otherwise ‘static’ leads…

Into 1,000’s of hungry leads…

And $1,000’s in commissions…


And now, they’re giving YOU their latest, brand new,
heavily “modded” version of their super funnel…

For absolutely NO COST, right here:

In fact, if it weren’t 100% free, the system
wouldn’t work like crazy…

To help build you the email list and income
of your dreams.

The quicker you join, the better. Thank
me later!

P.S. Sure, you’ve tried other so-called viral
list builders. You may even be using one now…

This will eat it for lunch and spit it out.
And that simply does not typically
happen with totally free traffic.
Free traffic is something that is
BUILT over time, while paid traffic
can produce much fast(er) results.

Personally, back when I started
out online, I didn’t mess with
search engines or writing blogs
or anything like that. I went
straight for PAID traffic and
also affiliate marketing to
get my business off the ground.


Give this some serious thought and
decide whether to make paid traffic
a big part of your online “success
plan”! 🙂


P.S. Here’s how to set your traffic
on AUTOPILOT!   (click here)

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