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All religions are made up to control you!

All religions are made up to control you! If you believe in religion you will continue to wait on Jesus to change a situation that you created. People wake up it’s a belief system. Nothing come to you unless you make it happen.

Christians judge more than anyone except maybe the judges.

I have been lost by Christianity since birth. In a way, it’s spiritual ignorance and slavery. Those Christians judge more than anyone except maybe the judges. Getting back to what I wanted to say, I’ve felt spiritually dead until I have now come across all the people that are putting out the truth for all those that hear. You have opened quite a few white people’s eyes that I know of. We were conditioned and indoctrinated to stay away from the black people and now I understand why. Zulu, the knowledge the have, the Indians, and all the rest with darker skin have the keys of true spirituality. Thanks for posting these videos because this is things that everyone who will listen shall hear.

Once we conquer ourselves the battle is won

The European has done to the Afro native. All I know is we have a common enemy and we need each other. The history is cool to unravel the mental slavery but this is ultimately a spiritual battle of us against ourselves. The white man has no soul and hence is insignificant. Once we conquer ourselves the battle is won. The regressive white is just the stumbling block to our return to greatness. Only a few will be saved. The rest will bicker for eternity. It is clear to me now that most will be lost. That is just the way it goes.

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The story for the Matrix is from the baiBUL! So Morpheus is Lucifer. Neo is Adam. Trinity is Eve.  Trinity introduce’s Neo to Morpheus just like Eve introduced Adam to the apple which is essentially the gift of Lucifer.  She presumably has already taken the apple,because she said that she was already brought over and she introduces Adam to Satan.   Then essentially what happend was…..Take the blue or take the red.  Then Neo/Adam took the red/pill/apple bit into in and then immediately his consciousness was changed.  Morpheus is Lucifer he is the one that is awakening the adam seed which is caught in perfection.Adam/Neo is caught in the perfection of his own surroundings he is perfect where he is,he is miserable but perfect,he has perfected his existance no matter how unperfected it is.Eve and Adam ware in perfection.Perfection is death.After perfection there is nothing.So adam had to leave perfection.He had to leave the perfection that cause his death.He was insleep to perfection to who he really was.That is why he had to leave the garden of illusion which is the garden of eden.That is why he was taken out of the state of mind that he was in,which was perfection.Morpheus/Lucifer asks Neo/Adam…..Do you believe in faith?He then answered…….No because i dont like the idea that i am not in control of my own life.Adam/Neo he couldn’t control perfection,because he was perfection.

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