Multi Level Marketing Blog

Your blog can actually attract people

Being a network marketer.  Setting up your own multi-level marketing blog is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to bring people into your business. Having your own blog can establish you as a professional and authority in the industry and it’s a great place to refer family members, friends and otherS who are interested in what you are doing. Besides being a great reference for people that you come into contact with regularly, your blog can actually attract people who you’ve never even met before.

So, how do you set up your own multi-level marketing blog?

The first concept you need to grasp is that you do not want to set up a blog about your network marketing company or its products or services. Your blog should focus on all aspects of multi-level marketing in general, not those that are not specific to your company and what it offers. Most people will not be interested in your network marketing company. But they will be interested in how they too could become successful in the multi-level marketing industry. Your blog should offer instruction, advice, and tips that can help your visitors who are interested in MLM.

Where can you set up your blog?

There are many platforms to choose from. If you are new to blogging, I highly recommend starting with Blogger because not only is it free, but you can actually earn money from the AdSense ads that are automatically placed on your blog. Blogger doesn’t offer all of the features that some of the other blog platforms do but it’s a great place to start and you can actually export your Blogger blog to another platform, later on, should you decide to do so.

How to get started?

After you’ve set up your account, the first thing you want to do is post an article that’s somewhere between 400 and 600 words long. You can write about anything at all that is related to network marketing and feel free to include your opinions and recommendations. .that’s what blogs are all about. Eventually, you will want to do some keyword research to include popular search terms in your articles. You can search for terms here This is how your posts can be picked up by the search engines so when people type in certain words, your blog will come up in the results.

How do you know who’s visiting your blog?

The whole point of having your own blog is to generate leads for your business so it’s important that you have something incorporated that can capture the contact information of your visitors. Set up an auto-responder account with AWeber, GetResponse, IContact, Opus or any of the other services out there and put a form on your blog. You’ll have to offer something to get your visitors to fill out the form like a free newsletter, a free e-book or free training.

The key to maintaining an effective blog is consistency. Be consistent with your posts and offer advice and you’re off to a good start with your multi-level marketing blog!