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Who stole your dreams who stole your life Internet marketing 

Who stole your dreams who stole your life

Your dreams can be realized if you can remember them


This is a  very sad day for me, another one of my good friends just passed.  I can remember him very clearly. We had the same kind of dreams. He was such a good guy. We worked together on occasion, doing demolition, some construction jobs.  I remember, he was not that great a worker, but he tried so hard and was fun to be around.

Good friends are hard to find even harder to lose 


He talked a lot, boasted a lot about everything even nonsense. I remember that about him. Of course, I do, after all, he was my buddy. On occasion he got serious, and we would discuss our hopes, dreams. It is so new, in my mind, just like yesterday, we were gazing out of a window of a house, we were about to demolish. My friend looked

My friend looked over at me and said  “Ant, why are we killing ourselves,? for this little bit of money!. Why can’t we start our own business?, do this ourselves and get all the money! “It’s hard doing this kind of work, risking our health, and getting paid these pennies!”.  He exclaimed, before suddenly going off about how surviving a horrendous car crash manny years before. And that incident seemed so fresh in his memory. like it was yesterday. I can recall him saying “I do not understand, why me?  why am I the only survivor?  why do I have to live with this?”



Time is the enemy to us all


Time has gone by so fast, we lost touch. Our lives took on different paths, but we all still end up in the same place. Eventually, we are not those people anymore. We are no longer kids anymore. That has become all too evident now. When  I saw a photo of him in the obituary section on the, local newspaper website.

I saw a picture of a worn down old man. It took me awhile, to recognize who it was. But when I saw his picture yesterday, it just brought me down memory lane. I thought, he always wanted to start his own construction company. It was his dream at that time.

Somehow, like most of us, his dream got robbed.  NOW HE IS DEAD.! That is the ugliest truth, he was dead, even when he was still alive and he didn’t even realize it.  Time does not stand still for no one, YOU NEED TO FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, especially if they part of your original plan when you were growing up?

Work for your dreams now


I hope you understand the purpose of me asking you I know this is a sensitive question. most people’s dreams were deferred or outright stolen mostly by their friends and the people they love. You just got to understand people do not want you to succeed. Because either they don’t have your capability. Or they are too lazy, to work for their own dreams.

They steal your dreams by selling their dreams, they take advantage of your good nature and suck the life out of you. Many people are self-centered In the beginning, you didn’t buy. But because there are so many of them in your world selling to you their dream.  You just can’t fight it. Fighting seems futile when you’re fighting it by yourself if you succeed in living your dreams then  what happens to them they have to manipulate you for them to have a chance to succeed

Do not be fooled

You have been fooled into following a direction that is not your desired path over and over you are fooled into buying into another dream, that is not, your dream. It is not about you at all.  You can’t see that it designed for you to fail.  they might say to you something about you having a bright future, but you will not find a job, doing exactly what you want to do.

One thing may lead to another thing. Then, you wake up.  oh, how did it happen? , yes, in a blink of an eye, 30 years have just passed,  and you ask “How did my dreams get lost’?

Now. Guess what you are 40 – 50. – 70. whatever your age is right now, today, still, you can not get back the years can you you’ve lost? ever!


But you might be able to turn back the clock of your dreams you can pursue that passion that made you who you are that child in you that had imagination, that visionary person, and creator of your soul. Realistically you may have  had drawbacks that were the problem in the first place, that kind of  hesitations, made you vulnerable

But that doesn’t mean you cannot pursue your passion, in time you reclaim your dreams. So if you are not stuck in an office, in jail,  or dead all hope is not lost.

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