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STOP What You Are Doing and Check out Crowdrising

“Don’t take a giant leap to make your life better. Just enjoy every minute of your life.” Tommy Fernandes

Published on 7/11/2017
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When you do not care at all what anyone thinks, you lose the capacity to connect.  If you are defined by what people say, you lose the courage to be vulnerable.If you reach one extreme or the other, you will notice a total shut down.  You will produce little, motivation will slip and you will wind up minimizing your impact.Try this:  Write down the names of a handful or people that matter to you.  You can arrange the names in descending order or you can just list the people that matter the most and equally divvy your attention between them.   Either way, what is important is that you know whose opinions matter.Make your list and ignore what everyone excluded from the list thinks. ( Crowdrising)  Know how to release pent-up emotions and take action.  Express your emotions in calculated reactions by doing something.  This is not the time for procrastination or excuses.

You should have decided how you would like to react to specific situations or scenarios.  For example, by keeping your cool or expressing your emotions in positive and proactive ways. ( Crowdrising)

Although it is easier said than done, letting your frustrations out in beneficial methods can actually help keep you from hitting your breaking point.

Doing is achieving.  You can do all the planning in the world but you have to back it up with action.  The time is now.

Let out your emotions with a hobby.  Write, listen to or create music.  You can pray or even meditate.  All of these activities have countless studies that prove how valuable they are, especially in dealing with emotions.

You can also practice gratitude.  It can help build better relationships, networks, career prospects and even belongingness. ( Crowdrising)

Hundreds of studies have demonstrated how expressing gratitude can change lives.  Its benefits include getting better sleep, having more energy and being happier, healthier and more resilient days when something unexpected pops up.

Speak up – talk to somebody – There will be times when you will feel something is out of your control, but keep in mind that you are never helpless.  Speaking your thoughts will allow you to feel like you, your ideas, dreams, goals, challenges, and accomplishments, matter to other people.

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